We have designed our system to optimize revenue across your entire catalog, you will always be earning new money, even on your older content as new ads get dynamically injected upon each new listen. There are a few things that can help you make sure you making good use of the ad tools and doing all you can to optimize your revenue.

  1. Dynamically injected ads will always be served to your RSS feed, so places like Itunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocketcast, the Spreaker listening app, and other places that will serve your content from your rss feed will be the place your ads can be heard. It's very important if you are trying to optimize your revenue that all of the podcatchers pull from the rss feed your prefix is in front of.

  2. Pay attention to your back catalog, if your content is evergreen and its continuously getting new listens you will want to make sure you have set the ad markers for those episodes in an effective way.   Make sure you are using pre, mid, and post rolls.    Pre rolls and post rolls of course can be automatically set in your account to always play, but you must manually add the mid rolls to each episode.  If your older content is still bringing in listens, its worth the minute it takes to set a mid-roll or two for that episode.   Once you have your back catalog marked for ads, its just a matter of maintaining your new content as you create it.

  3. Pre rolls and post rolls can be served automatically, you can set this in your account so you never have to worry about it again.  Pre rolls always have a higher earning potential so make sure these are definitely a priority.

  4. Mid-rolls can really add to your revenue stream.  The best way to use mid-rolls is to use the 10 or 15 minute rule, you can place a double or single mid-roll every 10 to 15 minutes apart in a podcast and this can increase your revenue sometimes by 4X.  Studies have been done that listeners to podcasts don't mind the ads and are actually used to hearing them now.  

  5. Category on your rss feed.   Advertisers bid for ad impressions and sometimes categories play a big part in that.  Make sure on your rss feed you have a category set or you risk losing this ad revenue where ads are targeted to a certain category.  Different categories will always have more earning potential, if you have a question about your category feel free to reach out to us and we can help guide you in what is the best category for your content.

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