Because of the way ads are served on your podcast upon the request of the download, there isn't a way to tell which ad will be sent. Also, because that ad is being targeted to the listener based off of their online signature, demographics and geographic location - the ads could be drastically different for each individual listening to the same podcast. The types of ads being placed are the same ones you typically hear on the radio from big brand name advertisers like Home Depot, Auto Zone, Macy’s, and Capital One. 

Our system is designed to generate monthly revenue in perpetuity for content that receives listens. Once you place ad markers in your show, we offer that inventory to our advertiser marketplace and that is when advertisers place bids. So, the final CPM can vary depending on the specifics of your audience, the season, show topic, etc. Our ad-insertion tool gives you the power to decide how many ad spots are offered in each episode and where they are placed. Many hosts use our ad-insertion tool to fill unsold inventory. A general compensation is between $2 and $5 CPM depending on the geography of your audience.  A CPM is cost per thousand, so this would be one thousand impressions, not downloads.  Example, if you have a pre, mid and post roll in your podcast and 3 of those ads are served to a listener, that is 3 impressions you have acquired. 

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