Once you sign up on Dynamo, the system asks you to insert your Podcast Feed URL. Here you can find a detailed step-by-step guide that helps you find your Feed URL according to the hosting platform you’re using for your podcast. Please, be aware that once you set your RSS feed on your Dynamo profile this cannot be changed, so if you put the wrong feed in you will need to contact us by emailing support.dynamo@voxnest.com

How to find your RSS Feed

If your podcast has been submitted to iTunes a super easy way to find your RSS feed is by going to Podcast Connect.  Log in and then click on the artwork for your podcast. You will then see your feed on the box titled URL.  Be careful not to change this in iTunes, you will just need to copy it.


You can find your rss feed on Soundcloud from the Content tab, you will just need to copy your RSS feed URL.


Login to Libsyn, click on Destinations, in the “destination” section, you’ll see your Podcast RSS Feed, just simply click the button that says “view feed” and copy your feed.


On BuzzSprout you will need to click first on iTunes and Directories, next on the RSS Feed, and then copy your RSS feed by clicking of the Copy button.


In your Wordpress dashboard on the left side of the page you will need to click on PowerPress.  On the next page you will then need to click on the “Destinations” tab in the middle of the page. Once the next page loads you will then see your RSS feed.

For more information or if you need any support email us at: support.dynamo@voxnest.com

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