It all depends on how many ads you place in your show and the size of the audience that heard those ads.

We’ve designed our system to optimize revenues across your entire content catalog. Meaning, any episode that is receiving listens can be monetized every time it is streamed or downloaded (via the web, the embed player, mobile, pod catchers like iTunes and Stitcher, etc). We monetize listens across your entire catalog and not just the latest episode. Our system is designed to generate monthly revenue in perpetuity for content that receives listens. Once you place ad markers in your show, we offer that inventory to our advertiser marketplace and advertisers place bids. So, the final CPM can vary depending on the specifics of your audience, the season, show topic, etc. Our ad-insertion tool gives you the power to decide how many ad spots are offered in each episode and where they are placed. Many hosts use our ad-insertion tool to fill unsold inventory.

Also, we’re able to source live reads for our hosts. The CPM range for live reads is generally much higher but they are also only available for shows with a sizable audience. Since advertisers work in CPMs (cost per 1000 downloads or streams), live reads tend to be offered at the 10,000+ listens per episode level.

Be reasonable – obviously the larger your podcast audience is, the more money you will make, but even smaller shows can earn enough money to pay a small bill or an average night out.

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