You know your listener best. We’ve created a flexible tool that puts ad position decisions in the hands of creators. Instead of inserting obtrusive ads, we give you editorial control.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind. These tips are based on a 45 - 60 minute show. If you have shorter or longer shows, adjust accordingly.

  • Balance the number of ads with listener interest. Although you can make more money each time you insert an ad, you should balance the number of ad spots with listener interest. They should enjoy listening to your show. Our tool gives you the freedom to consider your editorial standards and the needs of your listeners when inserting ads.

  • Midroll ads are different from pre and post-roll ads. Pre and post-roll ads run automatically before and after your show begins (this is an industry standard). 

  • Our system has no constraints with the amount of mid-roll ad markers you can place. With great power, comes great responsibility though. Don’t put too many ads in your show that your audience gets completely turned off. We recommend thinking about the industry standard, 1:10 ratio (that’s one ad for every 10 minutes of content). This would mean inserting 5 midroll ads for an hour-long show and 2 for a 30 minute show. All decisions must be made through your editorial lens with your audience in mind.

  • You must insert ad markers in each individual episode. We suggest doing this as soon as an uploaded or recorded episode is available in your archives. This habit makes it easier because you remember the specifics of that episode.

  • We suggest planning for ad breaks during your podcast planning process so you can make sure there aren’t too many ads and that you create a good experience for listeners.

What are ad break strategies for podcasts? Where should I place ads?

Here are a few strategies. Use your editorial judgement and sense of your audience to decide what works for your show:

  • Find natural transitions in conversations or a transition to a new segment of your podcast.

  • Tease upcoming content without mentioning the ad break. For example, you could say “We’re going to talk about that topic in just a moment”.

  • When the ad is over, don’t say “And we’re back!”

  • It’s important not to refer to the ad break or ad because ad fill rates vary throughout the year. Some listeners will not hear ads.

  • The key is to give people a reason to continue listening and get them excited about what’s coming up without referencing an upcoming ad break.

Can I insert back to back ads?

Yes, there are no limits to the amount of ad markers you can place in your content. However, to make things even easier for you, we have provided a double ad marker so you only need to set one marker that will play two ads back to back. 

What kinds of ads will play in my content?

There are currently two common forms of audio ads in the rapidly emerging podcast advertising market:

  • Spot ads – These ads are recorded by the brand and sourced from large marketplaces that take bids in real-time for each listen and download of your podcast.

  • Live reads – Advertisers buy these ads from high-traffic hosts at a premium. Hosts read these ads to their listeners. Our Revenue Team will contact you when your show is ready for this opportunity and coordinate campaign execution. The length and nature of these ads vary from campaign to campaign.

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