Dynamo allows you to add and manage advertisements in your podcast, without changing your current hosting setup. The only thing you need to do is insert a prefix in the RSS Feed so the episodes you publish will see ads from Dynamo automatically inserted.

If you’re hosting your podcast on your Wordpress website through the PowerPress plugin, here’s how to enable Dynamo.

1. Access your Dynamo account - If you haven’t an account yet, sign up here - and click on the “Podcast” option from the menu.
2. Click on the “Podcast” option from the menu and copy the Prefix URL - a message will confirm you copied the URL to the clipboard.

3. When creating a new episode/post from your WordPress website, insert the Dynamo prefix before the file URL in the “Media URL” field. Remember to remove the http:// from the episode URL as it’s already included on the Dynamo Prefix. The complete URL will look like this:


Note: at the moment, you can’t directly use the “Link to Media hosted on Blubrry.com” button as this would not allow you to manually add the prefix to the episode URL.

4. Once done, proceed with filling up the remaining fields and publishing the post. The same process needs to be applied also for your already published episodes and the one you’ll create in the future.

Starting from this moment, files playing from your website and each app and platform connected to your Podcast feed will also play the ads you set via Dynamo. 

A few minutes later, you can make sure if the prefix is correct by checking out your “Episodes” page on Dynamo. If warning signals turned in to check symbols it means that your episodes are correctly including the Dynamo Prefix.

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