Dynamo allows you to add and manage advertisements in your podcast, without changing your current hosting setup. The only thing you need to do is insert a prefix in the RSS Feed so the episodes you publish will see ads from Dynamo automatically inserted.

If you’re hosting your podcast on SoundCloud here’s how to enable Dynamo.

1. Access your Dynamo account - If you haven’t an account yet, sign up here - and click on the “Podcast” option from the menu.
2. In the Podcast settings page, copy the Prefix URL - a message will confirm you copied the URL to the clipboard.

3. Now, it’s time to insert the prefix to your Podcast’s RSS Feed. Go to SoundCloud, open the menu from the upper-right corner, select Settings.

4. You’ll be forwarded to your account’s settings. Just select the Content option from the menu.
5. Here you can find your RSS Feed preferences. Find the “Stats-service URL prefix” and paste the Dynamo URL prefix your previously copied, and hit the “Save changes” button.

Starting from this moment, each app and platform connected to your Podcast feed on SoundCloud will also play the ads you set via Dynamo - and you don’t need to change your RSS Feed anymore.

A few minutes after you’ve finished, you can make sure that the prefix is correct by checking out your “Episodes” page on Dynamo. If warning signals turned in check symbols it means that your episodes are correctly including the Dynamo Prefix.

When using Dynamo with SoundCloud you will then have ads served on your SoundCloud RSS feed.   This means your ads will be served to your distribution points that feed your content from SoundCloud, such as Itunes, Stitcher etc.  Keep in mind this does not include your SoundCloud player.

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